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A Future With No Car Accidents?

Think about that…

Will it be possible?  Maybe.

In an effort to reduce car accidents by up to 80%, U.S. auto regulators announced plans this week to encourage auto makers to manufacture cars and trucks that can communicate with each other by way of new short-range radio technology.

This new technology would be an advancement over current crash protection devices that use specialized sensors to detect objects in the path of a vehicle and either alert the driver or automatically apply the brakes to avoid a car accident.

As now conceived, this new futuristic feature would allow computers in each vehicle to participate in two-way conversations or group chats with multiple vehicles – sharing data on speed, location and road conditions as quickly as 10 times per second.  It’s predicted that this new driver protection system will enable cars and trucks to detect traffic dangers up to 300 yards away in a 360 degree radius, resulting in steering corrections, braking adjustments and warnings to the driver.

Imagine a world where one has the warning, the time and the distance to avoid a car accident. Amazing!

Add this new initiative to the effort to design and manufacture driverless cars with sophisticated computer navigation systems and you have a world almost hard to imagine…  certainly a world our grandparents and great-grand parents wouldn’t recognize.

Can we expect these life saving changes to arrive soon?

Sadly – it will be at least ten years and probably longer before this new technology is available.  Many regulatory agencies and manufacturers need to approve, design, test and re-approve these vehicles before they become a driving reality.  And that will take years.

Until then, avoiding car accidents is up to each of us – using good judgment, care, and skill to remain safe on Connecticut roads.

If you are ever injured in a car accident, know that the Connecticut car accident lawyers at RisCassi & Davis have been assisting drivers injured in accidents for almost 60 years.  And we have received both state and national recognition for our work in this area.  If you are ever in a car accident of any kind and would like a free consultation with one of our Connecticut car accident lawyers, please contact us.   There is no obligation.


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