Keep Your Child Safe In The Event Of A Car Accident

Car accidents are the leading cause of death of children above the age of three in the U.S. and here in Connecticut.

Well, the American Journal of Preventative Medicine has just published a new study showing how little regard adults have for the safety of their children when those children ride in cars – and the results are very disturbing.

The study was conducted by researchers who stopped adults at gas stations, shopping centers, fast food chains, and day care centers – among other locations.  This methodology ensured the researchers collected accurate visual data about all the passengers in each car.

What they found was that as children got older, they were less likely to use seat belts or safety seats and more likely to ride in the front seat. Overall, a troublingly large percentage of children were either not wearing seatbelts or properly seated in the car. Here is a sampling of the data from the study:

  • Only 3 percent of children aged 1-3 were in rear-facing car seats, and only 2 percent of children over 7 remained in booster seats. The rest were upgraded prematurely: the AAP recommendations stipulate that children should remain rear-facing until at least age 2 and basically for as long as they fit in the car seat, and that they should remain in booster seats until around age 11
  • Having more kids in the car was associated with less seatbelt use, although they were more likely to stay in the back seat.
  • When the driver wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, children had 23 times higher odds of not being buckled in.

So what can be done to protect our children from harm?

Public education should remain a very high priority.  We need anyone transporting a child to understand that how they choose to restrain the child in the car is truly a matter of life and death.  We also need adults to lead by example.  If adults buckle up, children are much more likely to do so.

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