Medical Malpractice Found To Be A Leading Cause of Death In America

As incredible as it sounds…. medical errors and medical malpractice are the third leading cause of death in America.

Well now for the first time ever Consumer Reports has rated 1,159 major U.S. Hospitals for safety.  The scoring system gives consumers a way to compare hospitals for safety.  Consumer Reports scored the following categories in their research:  infections, readmissions, overuse of scanning, communication about new medications and discharge, complications, and mortality.

Sadly – more than half of the U.S. hospitals scored received marks below 50 on a 1-100 scale (100 being a perfect score for safety).  The top-ranked hospital for safety was Billings Clinic in Montana with a score of just 72.

  • Across the board, one in twenty hospitalized patients will develop an infection while staying in the hospital that can be serious and even deadly.  Virtually all of these infections are preventable.  Only 148 of the 1,159 hospitals scored in the report reported zero infections.
  • Another area of concern – excess use of CT scan technology.  Just one CT scan delivers the equivalent of between 100 and 500 chest X-rays.  Only 28% of the hospitals in this study held CT scan rates within a range deemed the cutoff established by Consumer Reports.
  • Research suggests that the vast number of readmissions are probably preventable. No hospital earned Consumer Reports’ highest score for readmissions; 166 hospitals received their worst score.
  • For communication about matters like new medications and discharge plans, no hospital earned a top score while almost 500 hospitals earned the lowest score.

Another interesting fact – some of the nation’s best-known hospitals were among those scoring lowest in this study.

The report also called for changes that should be made to repair the problems including the establishment of a national error reporting system, something the Institute of Medicine called for over a decade ago.

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