With New Safety Technology Why Aren’t Car Accidents Decreasing in Number?

Many new cars have Adaptive Cruise Control, Crash Alerts, and BlindSpot Warnings – all technological advances intended to make cars safer and car accidents less likely.  Sadly they are not having the desired effect.  There has been a big spike in recent traffic fatalities, a 13.5% jump in Q1 of 2012, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Why is this happening?

It is believed the primary cause for the spike in car accidents – including fatal accidents is tied to yet another technology…  cell phones.

Cell phone use is causing untold damage on our roadways and taking lives in the process.  Some sources now consider cell phones use to be the leading cause of car accidents – along with drug and alcohol use.

Texting technology is perhaps the worse development from the standpoint of traffic safety in the last 100 years.  It is both highly popular as well as addictive.

But texting while driving an automobile is impossible to do safely.  Impossible.  Dialing a cell phone while driving – impossible to do safely unless one has voice recognition and can do it hands-free.  And yet many drivers do these things repeatedly each and every day.

Add to that the fact that many of the worst offenders are new drivers – inexperienced in the nuances of safe driving even without distractions – and one can understand why there is a problem.

So what can be done about this challenge?

Some states have made it illegal to use a cell phone while driving (and yet people continue to use them).

Software developers are also working on technology that will make it impossible for a driver to use their cell while driving (the best of this technology is still far from perfect).

Self-control…  and education.  Each one of us needs to strenuously resist the temptation to use our cell phones while driving.  Calls and text messages can wait until you stop your car.  And as for education – we need to teach our children about the dangers of cell phones while driving – and we need to teach by example.  If children see their parents texting and dialing while driving – they will follow that example.

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