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Connecticut. A Dangerous Place to Walk.

The Auto Insurance Center (a news and information website for insurance purchasers) publishes regular reports on pedestrian safety, looking at pedestrian deaths by state.

Where does Connecticut fall?

Twenty-eighth among the 50 states – and second-worst in New England behind Rhode Island.

What’s the cause?

There are factors that seem to impact pedestrian safety, in general, more than others.

First – male pedestrians are far more likely than women to be injured or killed while walking along Connecticut roads. That statistic holds in every state except Delaware and Montana.

Population density seems to play a prominent role as well – although Ohio, a state with fairly dense population centers – is considered to be one of the top five safest for pedestrians.

Believe it or not – texting and walking is increasingly becoming a significant safety hazard.

And then there is the perennial problem of intoxicated drivers and intoxicated walkers. In many states, over 50% of pedestrian deaths involve pedestrians who are legally intoxicated. Twelve percent on average involve intoxicated drivers.

What about age? Does that play a role?

On first blush – one might think that younger pedestrians are at a greater risk of injury. Surprisingly, in Connecticut, the average age of pedestrians killed while walking on roadways is 49.8 years old.

Now the good news. Pedestrian deaths are down in America by almost 35% since the 1970s. Despite that fact, over 5,500 people still die annually in pedestrian accidents.

What can be done to make Connecticut roads safer?

The State and local municipalities are starting to redesign roads with wider shoulders, more prominent crosswalks, and more pedestrian-focused traffic signals. And some new roads are being designed and built with sidewalks and bike lanes to provide buffer zones for walkers and cyclists.

What’s more – increasingly new cars are being equipped with technology that helps cars sense the presence of pedestrians – and warn drivers of potential danger.

While design improvements and technology will help – walking and driving responsibly is still central to enhancing safety.

  • Never walk or drive when intoxicated.
  • Never text or read and drive.
  • Avoid texting or surfing the web while walking.
  • Always drive and walk defensively.

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