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An ambulance in the foreground of a car accident

Could Self-Driving Cars Be the Answer to Drunk Driving Fatalities?

Twenty-four percent of all fatal car crashes in Connecticut last year involved drivers with blood alcohol levels above the legal limit. Sixteen percent of the total fatal crashes involved drivers driving with blood-alcohol levels at twice the legal limit or more. How can we end this senseless carnage on our roads? Some traffic safety experts… read more →

Man driving with a beer in his hand.

Is Computer Technology the Answer for Drunk Driving?

Drunk driving kills. Of that there is no dispute. According to the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety (ACTS), drunk drivers are a stubborn problem.   In fact, ACTS estimates that approximately one-eighth of 1 percent of all drivers in this country produce 30 percent of the car accident deaths. Might computer technology be a big part… read more →

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RisCassi & Davis Again Honored by Best Lawyers

We are pleased to announce that eight of our attorneys at the Connecticut personal injury law firm of RisCassi & Davis have just been recognized by Best Lawyers, one of the nation’s top attorney rating services. The recognized attorneys by area of expertise are: Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs David W. Cooney Andrew S. Groher… read more →

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Are Federal Regulatory Agencies Playing Games with Your Safety?

There was a time when regulatory oversight of the auto industry was practically non-existent. The result? Vehicle designs that often caused catastrophic car accidents with alarming regularity. Luckily, in the 1960s, there was a great awakening in America – with safety and consumer advocates like Ralph Nader and our very own Bill Davis and Leon… read more →

A steering wheel with the airbag deployed

Tens of Thousands of Defective Takata Airbags STILL in Use

  In the late spring of 2014, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota announced they were actively recalling over three million vehicles worldwide due to defective Takata Corporation-made airbags. Takata airbags installed in cars from model year 2002 through 2015 have been known to explode, sending dangerous and sometimes deadly flying debris inside vehicles. Given the magnitude of the… read more →

Mom texts while driving with child in the backseat

Shocking Stats on Distracted Driving

We have often written about the dangers of distracted driving. And organizations like the AAA, as well as various federal and state agencies, regularly post warnings. The reason for the concern is simple: people who text and drive are six times more likely to be involved in a car accident. So have any of the… read more →

A car's push start ignition button.

The Dangers of Keyless Cars – Are You at Risk?

Keyless cars… that’s certainly an idea for the 21st century – right? Did you know keyless is now a feature on over half the 17 million new cars sold in America? Drivers of these cars carry a wireless key fob rather than a set of keys. With the fob in hand (or in a pocket),… read more →

An assortment of loose pills

How the Drug Companies Hoodwink America

Have you ever seen TV commercials that in serious tones describe a disease you never knew existed – one that seems tied to normal symptoms and feelings? And as a result of watching these commercials, did you find yourself wondering for the first time about whether you had this “illness” and needed attention? If you… read more →

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