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car covered in snow

Warning. Car Accident Avoidance Technology May Not Work in Snow…

Anyone who recently purchased a new car is likely amazed to find that it’s loaded with new technology designed to help drivers avoid car accidents. According to Consumer Reports, cars may now be equipped with a wide array of safety systems including: Forward collision warning: Visual and/or audible warning intended alert the driver and prevent a… read more →

Steps to Determine Whether You Have a Viable Medical Malpractice Case

Have you or has someone you love undergone a medical intervention or treatment that produced disappointing results? Are you wondering whether you might have a medical malpractice claim you can make? Here are several factors to consider… First – remember, a suboptimal result from a medical intervention is not in itself an adequate reason to… read more →

Steps to Take if You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident

Being in a car accident is one of the most traumatic events a person can experience in their lifetime. The shock alone is often remembered for decades. The Connecticut personal injury law firm of RisCassi & Davis has been helping those injured in car accidents caused by other drivers for more than 60 years.  Here,… read more →

Vaping Bans and Mentholated Tobacco Products

With cases of severe lung disease and deaths on the rise, a consequence of the vaping craze, some are left wondering why tobacco products remain on the market. Afterall – the deadly effects of tobacco have been known for over 50 years. The President is now vowing to ban all flavored e-cigarettes – an idea… read more →

Why Tort Law Matters

Now and then, it’s worth remembering how lucky we are as Americans to have a robust judicial system. It’s that system, and the trial attorneys that serve it, that’s largely responsible for the vital consumer safety protections we enjoy today. Battles fought by the nation’s trial attorneys have led to safer cars, highways, toys, tools,… read more →

Ecigarette for vaping

Did One Manufacturer of Vaping Devices Distribute Tainted Product?

Vaping was once thought to be a valuable tool in efforts to help smokers quit, and for some, it might prove useful. Sadly, however, vaping products have now been tied to lung problems leading to over 15,000 hospitalizations.  Thirty-five people have died. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes THC and off-the-street sources… read more →

RisCassi & Davis Attorneys Again Recognized by Super Lawyers

We are pleased to announce that thirteen (13) of our attorneys at RisCassi & Davis have been named as Connecticut Super Lawyers or Connecticut Rising Stars for 2019. We are also pleased to announce that attorney Michael C. Jainchill has been named by Super Lawyers as a Top 10 Attorney in Connecticut and a Top… read more →

Child walking on shoulder of road

Can New Auto Tech Save Pedestrians in Connecticut from Harm?

Pedestrian traffic accidents and pedestrian deaths are rising at an alarming rate. In fact, they have risen to their highest levels since 1990. It’s believed the rise in the number of trucks and SUVs on the road is one cause.  The other is distracted driving tied to cell phone use. Traffic safety experts have long… read more →

A man smoking a vape and blowing out smoke

The Dangers of Vaping – Continued…

When first introduced to consumers, vaping was seen as a potentially healthy alternative for smokers hoping to kick the habit. Sadly – things are often not how they first appear. In just the last year, medical researchers have begun to report adverse effects of vaping on heart and lung function.  They are also reporting a… read more →

Blind spot warning on side view mirror of car.

Car Technology that Could Save Your Life

It’s no secret that cars have come a long way since their introduction. America’s first cars had only the most rudimentary of safety systems (brakes mostly) – and they were often anything but reliable. Fast forward to today, and one finds an abundance of new technology that’s designed to help drivers avoid accidents. Here’s an… read more →

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