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Summer Time Dangers That Lead To Car Accidents in Connecticut

If you ask 100 people what time of year is most dangerous for driving – 85 out of 100 will tell you wintertime in Connecticut.  Makes sense right?  Longer periods of darkness.  Slippery conditions.  Snow and ice. Well those 85 people would be incorrect.  Summertime is the most dangerous season for driving, with the risk of… read more →

Avoid Car Accidents – Choose Not To Text & Drive

We have written a great deal about the rising risk to driver safety from new technologies that distract the driver.  One of the leading distracters and biggest contributors to car accidents in Connecticut is cell phones.  When people use their cell phones to call or text while driving they significantly increasing the likelihood of a car accident. … read more →

Help Your Teenagers Avoid Car Accidents This Summer

Summer is a great time of the year in Connecticut.  Warm temperatures, long days, great shorelines and lakes to enjoy – and vacation. As great a season as it is – summertime is sadly the time of year when teenage drivers in Connecticut are most at risk for a car accident.  Fatal car accidents are also… read more →

Leading Cause of Fatal Teen Car Accidents

So what is a leading cause of injury and death for teens in Connecticut? Car accidents. And what is perhaps the top cause of those accidents?  Texting orusing a cell phone while driving.  So what percentage of young Connecticut drivers in a just released state survey** text and drive?  Over 50% do it.  The practice… read more →

New Study on Teenage Drivers and Car Accidents

Anyone with a child of driving age knows the feeling. Your child has taken the car out on a Friday night to meet friends.  Every 30 minutes you’ve looked at the clock.  Every siren you hear has given you a sinking feeling in your gut. As the night progresses, you lie in bed waiting to hear the… read more →

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