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Important Warnings on Laundry Pods

We’ve posted warnings on our Facebook page about the dangers of laundry detergent pods and young children.


They look like food and small children are tempted to put them in their mouths.

Well – it turns out they’re not the only ones.

According to a number of national news reports – teenagers are now putting large numbers of detergent pods in their mouths as part of a social media challenge.

Is the practice dangerous?

You bet it is.

According to Poison Control experts, “the effects of biting into a laundry pod include coughing, choking, trouble breathing, coma, and possibly death. The detergent also can irritate the skin and burn the eyes.”

Already, thousands of children and some adults with dementia have suffered serious and potentially life-threatening injuries from laundry detergent poisoning caused by single-use pods or capsules sold without adequate warnings to prevent young children and the elderly from accessing and placing the packs in their mouths.

So why would teenagers participate in a stunt so dangerous?

According to brain researchers, “during the adolescence period, there is an increased interest in peer relationships (Larson & Richards, 1991), and susceptibility to peer influence increases during the early teen years and peaks at about age 14 (Berndt, 1979). Consistent with these readily observable changes in peer relationships, brain imaging studies have shown that several areas of the brain make adolescents more sensitive to the rewards of peer relationships than adults (Albert, Chein, & Steinberg, 2013). This motivates teens to focus on their peers in decision-making situations that involve risky behavior.”


Teenagers are exceptionally susceptible to peer pressure – and social media is particularly well suited to amplify those effects.

Does all this mean the manufacturers of detergent pods bear no responsibility for the dangers posed by their products?

When it comes to small children and the elderly – we believe their exposure is considerable.  These manufacturers have created a product that is easily placed in the mouth, that is playfully colorful, and that looks like food.

And they know the product poses a danger – yet they continue to sell them.

If a loved one of yours is ever injured by a dangerous product, call a qualified Connecticut personal injury lawyer.  A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can help to ensure that your family member’s rights are protected.

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