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$1,750,000 Settlement – Medical Malpractice – Accidental death of 13 month old baby girl

Attorney Paul Iannaccone settled a case for the accidental death of 13 month old baby girl.  She was born with a birth weight of 466 and was considered a micro-preemie.  She was dependent on a tracheostomy tube for oxygen support.  At 13 months of age, after beating some pretty long odds, she was beginning to grab and play actively like any baby.  She accidently pulled out or decannulated her tracheostomy tube leaving her deprived of oxygen.  At that time, she was under the care of a pediatric home health nurse.  This nurse did not have the baby in her direct line of sight at the time of the accident.  She admitted that it was between 3 and 15 minutes since her last visualization of the baby when she found her disconnected from the tube and not breathing.  The baby was pronounced dead at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center upon arrival there.  Case settled for $1,750,000.00

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