New Study on Teenage Drivers and Car Accidents

Anyone with a child of driving age knows the feeling. Your child has taken the car out on a Friday night to meet friends. Every 30 minutes you’ve looked at the clock. Every siren you hear has given you a sinking feeling in your gut.

As the night progresses, you lie in bed waiting to hear the door open, announcing the safe arrival of your child – still wondering if your child is safe.  Still sleepless, you finally hear the door open and a “hi mom and dad… I’m home”.

If you are like most parents – this scenario plays itself out for years.

Every parent was young once and knows the dumb things new drivers do.  And the way teenagers are distracted by friends.  Each of us is also aware of the new dangers these young drivers face – more powerful cars, more crowded roads, and cell phones that are a constant distraction.  Cell phones are in fact a leading cause of car accidents as well as fatal car accidents in the United States.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has just released a new study. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, it concluded that tougher licensing standards and traffic laws aimed at teenage drivers could save more than 500 lives and prevent more than 9,500 collisions each year.  That is a lot of lives and a huge number of car accidents.

Do yourself a favor. Make sure your child really understands which actions can get them into trouble – drinking and driving, drugs and driving, carrying teenage passengers, texting, calling from a cell phone, eating, and more. Protect them by arming them with facts. And set a great example – they learn from us.

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