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A farmer spraying pesticide.

Is it Time to Ban Roundup in the U.S.?

Did you know that over 40 countries have placed bans or significant restrictions on the use of the herbicide Roundup and glyphosate, a major component of many common herbicides? Those countries include the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Canada, and Australia. Mexico and India have just announced bans. Why has each… read more →

Andrew Groher Brendan Faulkner

Attorneys Andrew Groher and Brendan Faulkner Named 2021 Lawyers of the Year by Best Lawyers

Attorneys Andrew Groher and Brendan Faulkner at the Hartford personal injury law firm of RisCassi & Davis, have just been named the Best Lawyers’ 2021 Lawyers of the Year in Hartford (Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiffs and Product Liability Litigation – Plaintiffs respectively).  Best Lawyers is considered the foremost resource for the outstanding legal talent… read more →

Man signing papers after injury settlement.

Is My Personal Injury Settlement Taxable?

We often get questions about whether a personal injury settlement is taxable. The answer is a bit complicated. Here are the facts… As a general rule, taxes are only due on the portion of your injury settlement that covers lost income and lost future earnings.  You may want to seek the guidance of an accountant… read more →

Storm damage - a fallen tree.

When A Tree Falls, Who’s Liable?

As many of us have seen or experienced first-hand following Tropical Storm Isaias, downed trees can cause considerable devastation, and the cost of repairs can be expensive—especially when the damaged property is not covered by insurance. When the tree is located on your property, it’s clearly your responsibility to pay for any needed repairs. But… read more →

Should Tractor Trailer Trucks Be Required to Have Side Guards?

One-in-eight vehicular accidents in the U.S. involve a truck weighing 10,000 pounds or more. The dangers posed by vehicles of this size are obvious. Now imagine yourself as a cyclist and having to share the road with these monsters. Did you know that eleven percent of all bicycling fatalities in the U.S. each year involve… read more →

Little Known Dangers of Tractor-Trailer Trucks

Most drivers instinctively know that tractor-trailer trucks with a full load are dangerous companions on Connecticut roads. However, few know that trucks without their trailer or with an empty trailer are often much more likely to cause an accident. Bobtailing A truck without its trailer is considered a bobtail – named for the wild cat… read more →

Police units respond on scene.

What Is Qualified Immunity and How Does It Work In Connecticut?

By: Paul Iannaccone, Esq. & Ryan Sullivan, Esq. Recent protests against police brutality have brought public attention to the complicated and often criticized legal doctrine of qualified immunity. To put it generally, qualified immunity protects police officers from civil liability for conduct related to their official duties.  For example, if a police officer injures a… read more →

Light suburban traffic approaching a stop light

Is There Danger Lurking at Every Intersection?

Knowing where the greatest traffic safety risks are can improve your odds of arriving at your destination safely. Did you know that intersections in Connecticut are far and away the most dangerous places on our roadways? Yup. And by a large margin. According to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, more than 50% of all car… read more →

Happy family celebrating together with fireworks sparklers

Summertime and Fireworks – A Dangerous Combination for Kids

After a winter spent in lockdown, who doesn’t want to get out and celebrate the end of confinement and the beginning of summer. Fireworks are a staple of summertime celebrations.  U.S. consumers spend close to a billion dollars on them annually. And while beautiful, often awe-inspiring, they pose a danger that must not be overlooked…. read more →

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