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Careful Where You Sit In Your Favorite Restaurant

To be alive is to be exposed to risks… the risk of being in a car accident, the risk of falling on an icy surface, the risk of even the risk of being struck by lightning. How about this one… The risk of being struck by a car while eating in your favorite restaurant or… read more →

A car's touch screen display

Is Technology Making Cars Less Safe?

Much has been made of how new technologies will help make cars safer. Apparently, there are exceptions. Researchers at the University of Utah recently conducted a study that examined how much time drivers spend looking at the touch-screens in new cars. Their goal was to determine whether touch-screens are adding another layer of distraction for… read more →

A rooster with its mouth open

Consumer and Worker Safety in the Trump Era

We’ve been reporting in these pages about how the Trump administration is rolling back regulations intended to protect consumers (including nursing home residents) and workers. As of last week, we can add food safety to the list. The President and the Republican Congress are pushing hard to change how poultry and pork is inspected before… read more →

A elderly woman smiling

Nursing Home Abuse and President Trump

As we previously wrote, during the final year of Obama’s presidency, regulations making it easier for nursing home residents to sue for abuse and neglect were proposed. Sadly, that proposed rule appears headed for the chopping block – with President Trump doing the chopping. President Trump’s proposed new rule regarding nursing home residents could make… read more →

A spilled bottle of prescription pills

Do The Drugs You Take Really Work? And Are They Safe?

When one visits the doctor and drugs are prescribed – one rightfully assumes those drugs are both effective and safe. After all – we trust the physicians in our lives to make good choices for us. Did you know that in 1997, Congress passed a law creating a website called overseen by the National… read more →

A bottle of spilled prescription pills

New Diabetes Drug Warning…

Diabetes is a problem affecting almost 30 million Americans each year – with Type II diabetes being the most common form of the disease. The most common forms of treatment – exercise, improving one’s diet, and medication. Invokana, made by Janssen Pharmaceuticals for Johnson & Johnson, is a popular drug used to treat Type II… read more →

Surgeons performing a surgery

Is Your Surgeon Double-Timing You During Surgery?

Anyone needing either elective surgery or one on an emergency basis should rightfully expect the surgeon on hand to be singularly focused on them… Right? After all, surgery is serious stuff – and often life threatening if done poorly. Did you know there’s been a practice for decades in so-called “teaching hospitals” of surgeons working… read more →

Steering wheel of an antique car

How The Auto Industry Changed America’s Roads

Though it seems hard to believe in 2017, there once was a time when you found more people walking than driving – particularly in Connecticut’s cities. Trolley service was also a part of urban life – moving thousands efficiently every day. Enter the Ford Motor Company and the Model T in 1908. Suddenly the automobile… read more →

A sad little girl laying on her side

Is Sexual Abuse Occurring at Schools in Your Town?

Much has been written about the epidemic of student-on-student sexual abuse on college campuses in America. It’s a problem in Connecticut as well. Did you know it also threatens thousands of children in elementary, middle and high schools across the U.S.? The Associated Press (AP) just completed a lengthy investigation into the problem and their… read more →

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