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Little Known Dangers of Tractor-Trailer Trucks

Most drivers instinctively know that tractor-trailer trucks with a full load are dangerous companions on Connecticut roads. However, few know that trucks without their trailer or with an empty trailer are often much more likely to cause an accident. Bobtailing A truck without its trailer is considered a bobtail – named for the wild cat… read more →

Police units respond on scene.

What Is Qualified Immunity and How Does It Work In Connecticut?

By: Paul Iannaccone, Esq. & Ryan Sullivan, Esq. Recent protests against police brutality have brought public attention to the complicated and often criticized legal doctrine of qualified immunity. To put it generally, qualified immunity protects police officers from civil liability for conduct related to their official duties.  For example, if a police officer injures a… read more →

Light suburban traffic approaching a stop light

Is There Danger Lurking at Every Intersection?

Knowing where the greatest traffic safety risks are can improve your odds of arriving at your destination safely. Did you know that intersections in Connecticut are far and away the most dangerous places on our roadways? Yup. And by a large margin. According to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, more than 50% of all car… read more →

Happy family celebrating together with fireworks sparklers

Summertime and Fireworks – A Dangerous Combination for Kids

After a winter spent in lockdown, who doesn’t want to get out and celebrate the end of confinement and the beginning of summer. Fireworks are a staple of summertime celebrations.  U.S. consumers spend close to a billion dollars on them annually. And while beautiful, often awe-inspiring, they pose a danger that must not be overlooked…. read more →

Men in hazmat suits removing materials containing asbestos

A Lawsuit That Saved Lives and Improved the Health of Us All

In 1969, attorney Ward Stephenson from Orange, Texas agreed to take on the case of a man named Clarence Borel. At the time, Clarence, who for over 30 years worked as a laborer/insulator in Texas refineries and shipyards, was fatally ill with pulmonary asbestosis and mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer. In October of 1969,… read more →

Close up of girl shoes walking

Surge in Cyclists and Walkers as Pandemic Continues

You may have noticed an increase in walkers and cyclists in your town in the last eight weeks.  There has indeed been a significant increase in both. In fact, many bike shops in the region are reporting record sales of new bikes leading to supply shortages, as well as record levels of repair orders. Why… read more →

Medical Madness During the COVID-19 Crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc across Connecticut and the nation, many, including the President, have suggested therapies that may or may not be safe or supported by clinical evidence. On March 19th, President Trump suggested that two antimalarial drugs, chloroquine, and hydroxychloroquine, offered great potential as a treatment for those sickened by… read more →

COVID-19 and the Rush to Identify Effective Treatment Strategies

With spiraling death rates and economic chaos spreading, scientists and drug manufacturers around the world are scrambling to find treatment options that can stop COVID-19. These efforts are laudable to be sure.  They also carry risks. The primary risk is that a drug(s) or treatment(s) will be rushed into use without adequate testing. And as… read more →

Pedestrian Deaths Rise Sharply in Connecticut

Pedestrian deaths in Connecticut and around the U.S. have been rising for years. For Connecticut, 2020 is off to a very fast and deadly start. According to the Hartford Courant, “the Governors Highway Safety Association project(s) that the U.S. pedestrian death toll for all of 2019 was 6,590, the highest in more than 30 years.”… read more →

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