RisCassi & Davis Files Suit Against Dairy Farm & Whole Foods for Tainted Milk

The Hartford Courant recently reported on a RisCassi & Davis case involving two families who are suing a Simsbury dairy farm and Whole Foods of West Hartford after their young children became deathly ill in July 2008 from E. coli bacteria in raw milk. The three children were all hospitalized with two of them suffering from kidney failure. The milk was produced by the Community Dairy of Simsbury and sold by Whole Foods.  The Connecticut Department of Public Health investigated this outbreak and discovered that fourteen people were made sick by this milk.

Please see the DPH report here:


Attorney James D. Bartolini of RisCassi & Davis represents the families and their children. If you or a member of your family has become sick due to E. coli bacteria please contact Attorney Bartolini at (860) 245-2412.

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