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Protect Yourself From An Accident On Connecticut Roads This Summer

As spring and summer return to Connecticut, we all feel the need to beProtect yourself from an accident on Connecticut's roads this summeroutside enjoying the change of seasons.  With gas prices being what they are, we all have additional incentives to walk, run or ride our bikes to our next destination.

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign recently released a list of the most dangerous roads for these activities in Connecticut.  Two roads on which to use extreme care are the Boston Post Road (Rt. 1) and Route 5.  These highways have seen the greatest number of pedestrian/car accidents in the entire State.

On a county by county basis – Hartford County and New Haven County lead the state in these types of accidents.

Know how to protect yourself this summer…


  • First – when thinking about a ride, walk or run – choose your route with great care.  Whenever possible, limit yourself to secondary roads with low traffic volume.
  • There are an increasing number of recreational trails in towns across the State – many of them old rail beds that have been convertedfor pedestrian use.  See what the options are in your town.
  • Choose the time of day you walk, run or ride carefully.  The peak travel times in the morning and evening during weekdays should be avoided whenever possible.
  • If you must use the busier thoroughfares – make sure you are wearing clothing with bright colors – colors that will make you easy tosee.
  • If possible – wear a strobe light on your arm or waste to make you even more visible.  Most sporting goods retailers sell these. They are not expensive and they work very well.
  • If you are walking, riding or running at dust – consider using a flashlight as well.
  • Always walk or run into traffic so that you can easily see oncoming vehicles.
  • If possible – choose roads with wide shoulders.
  • Always carry identification on you in case of a problem.  A product called RoadID is a good one for this purpose.

If you or a loved one are ever in an accident of any kind – always seek expert legal advice to protect yourself and your loved ones.  The Connecticut Accident Lawyers with RisCassi and Davis Injury lawyers are here to help.

RisCassi & Davis has handled thousands of accident cases over our more than 60 years serving the people of Connecticut.  Our accident lawyers have received local and national recognition for our handling of accident cases including:

  • Listing in “The Best Lawyers in America” and “Best Law Firms”
  • Listing in New England Superlawyers published by Connecticut Magazine.  Less than 5% of attorneys in the New England states receive this honor
  • Lifetime Achievement awards from the Connecticut Trial LawyersAssociation
  • Board Certification by the National Board of Trial Advocacy

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