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What to Ask Each Personal Injury Law Firm You Meet With?

One question we encourage folks to ask each personal injury law firm they talk to about their accident case is, “how many cases have you won?”

Why does that question matter?  It matters because there are a number of high profile firms and attorneys representing injury victims who rarely if ever actually try cases in court.  To be successful as a personal injury lawyer, opposing parties (lawyers and insurance companies) need to know that you are prepared to take a personal injury case to trial if need be – and that you have a record of winning those trials.  Without that element – a personal injury lawyer’s ability to negotiate settlements is severely weakened.  Leverage is gone.

The attorneys at RisCassi and Davis have been protecting the rights of injured clients for over 55 years and have taken hundreds and hundreds of cases to trial.  Our opponents know we are always extremely well prepared to protect our injury victims and have a track record of success.

So ask the question – “how many cases have you won?” each time you meet with a personal injury law firm about your injury case. Track records matter if you want the best possible result.

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