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Will Red Light Cameras Prevent Car Accidents in Connecticut?

The Connecticut State Legislature is currently considering legislation to allow cities and towns to install what are called Red Light Cameras.  These devices record the behavior of drivers at traffic lights allowing for automated fining of drivers who run red lights.

Drivers ignoring or running red lights are a persistent cause of serious car accidents in Connecticut.

As always – there are proponents and detractors of the legislation.  Some civil rights advocates claim that the technology will result in tickets being received by motorists weeks after an incident making defense against fines virtually impossible.  Others claim the cameras actually cause car accidents at intersections because drivers are more apt to stop suddenly resulting in rear-end collisions.  Another factor cited by detractors is the fact that the cameras cannot record who is actually driving the car – resulting in tickets being sent to the person in whose name the car is registered.

Advocates, including Governor Malloy, believe that the cameras are a good idea and will reduce the number of intersection car accidents.  This legislation has been proposed before and not made it to the floor for a vote.  This year the bill has been reported out of the Transportation Committee favorable.  If it does pass both chambers of the legislature, Governor Malloy has promised to sign the legislation.

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