Push To Prosecute Drowsy Drivers That Cause Car Accidents – But How?

We have written often about the role of cell phones, intoxicated drivers, poorly constructed roadways and other factors play in car accidents.  One of the most overlooked causes of car accidents is a driver who is too tired to be operating a motor vehicle.  In fact, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety calls drowsy driving, “one of the most significant, unrecognized traffic safety problems” in America.

 Some states are seeking ways to hold sleepy drivers criminally accountable for fatal car accidents they cause.  The problem – while blood tests can detect whether a driver is drunk, skid marks can show that a driver was traveling too fast, and text records can show that a driver was distracted – proving they were drowsy and caused an accident is more difficult.

Some argue that the mere possibility of prosecution may cause tired drivers to be more careful when considering getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.   But serious problems remain for the states.  “The bottom line is if you’re fatigued, there really isn’t a good measure to say yes, you’re fatigued at this level of impairment,” said J. Peter Kissinger of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

So what can be done about this driving danger?

First, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association has instituted new rules for truckers that would limit the number of hours a driver could work to 70 per week.  Under the old rules, truckers could drive 82 hours per week.

Also – education may help.  Talk to your children about driving late at night when they’re tired. Remind them of the risks of a car accident – while also reminding them to watch the behavior of ALL oncoming vehicles.  If they see a car or truck that is moving erratically, talk to them about avoidance tactics including pulling to the side of the road or into a driveway if one is nearby.

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