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How Long Will Your Personal Injury Case Take?

When you are involved in a personal injury incident, whether you have been injured in a car accident, by medical malpractice, by a defective product, an animal bite, or in any other way, there are a lot of questions that you may want to ask.

We have prepared this blog post and many more to come to answer some common questions we hear from our clients. Please note that we have prepared this material for general use and it is not tailored to any particular case or type of case.


There are substantial delays built into the procedures for bringing claims for money damages.  Some of this delay may actually be beneficial to claimants.  It is often the case that injuries evolve over a long period of time, months, and, in some extreme cases, years so that the true impact of an accident is not known for a long time.  The time may allow your attorney to fully appreciate the permanent effects of your injuries and their impact upon your activities.

However, many clients understandably feel that the wait for trial in Connecticut is too long.  This feeling is not necessarily limited to clients who want a trial.  Some clients who would rather settle than try their claims may find that they cannot obtain a suitable settlement offer until the case is near trial.  Sometimes, insurers will not offer a realistic settlement until the case is near trial.

Most Connecticut judicial districts have delays of several years in bringing claims to trial after they are filed in Court.  We cannot always predict which judicial districts will be the most efficient because the time it takes for a case to reach a trial varies depending on a number of factors, not all of which are within our control.  We do, however, carefully monitor the progress of all of our cases and do our utmost to see that they are each resolved, by trial or settlement, as expeditiously as possible.

If you have more specific questions about your case – please call us or write to us. We have personal injury lawyers here to help!