How to Choose a Lawyer

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In all specialties, whether that be medicine, law, accounting, engineering, science or some other field, there are those who are exceptionally gifted, those that sit somewhere in the middle of the pack, and those that are not well suited for their chosen field.

If you have a complicated and personally meaningful problem to solve, one that requires outside help – don’t you want to feel you’re working with someone who is talented – and really well trained? Someone who is exceptional?

Of course. But how do you find those folks?

Happily, there are a number of ways to solve the puzzle.

  • First – you can ask colleagues and friends you trust for guidance.
  • Next – you can try research accrediting institutions whose job it is to certify those with advanced training and competency.
  • It also helps to do some research to determine who leaders in a given field feel are the very best in a chosen profession. Let’s use this example… If your family was facing problems like they’re having in Flint over lead pollution in the drinking water – would seek the help of a physician or a pollution expert you saw on a TV commercial – or would you feel better choosing someone recognized and recommended as exceptional?

The answer is obvious – right?

The same rules apply when selecting an attorney. If you have a serious issue to resolve – you want someone who is smart, well trained, dedicated, and highly respected.

Personal injury cases are often times some of the most difficult legal cases to resolve – the outcomes of which carry immense consequences.

Your choice of attorney is often the difference between a just recovery for your losses and something far less helpful.

Did you know there are organizations in the field of law that focus solely on identifying outstanding trial lawyers who are unquestionably and eminently qualified to be trial lawyers – those with superior legal ability and devotion to the community, state, and nation, as well as, to the advancement of the legal profession?

Where to go to find an outstanding personal injury attorney

There are four legal organizations widely recognized as highly reliable guides on legal ability to look to when you’re trying to select a trial lawyer to represent you on a personal injury case in Connecticut:

  • The American College of Trial Lawyers
  • The National Board of Trial Advocacy
  • The Connecticut Bar Foundation – James W. Cooper Fellows
  • The American Board of Trial Advocates.

Each one identifies the trial lawyers considered to be among the very best in the field. It is from these lawyers and their law firms that you should select someone to help you when you need that help most.

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