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Steps You Can Take To Avoid Endangering Cyclists On The Road

RisCassi & Davis has been a long-term major sponsor of charitableSteps_you_can_take_to_keep_cyclists_safe_on_the_road. cycling events organized by Coach Jim Calhoun of the University of Connecticut.  With this year’s event approaching, let’s examine steps you can take to avoid endangering cyclists on the road.

Here are a few important things to consider:

  • Be alert for cyclists at all times.  Slow down when you see one and always maintain at least 4 feet of space between your vehicle and any cyclists.  Also be aware of hazards on the road that a cyclist may need to avoid – anticipate their troubles and give them extra room.

  • Pass cyclists with great care and avoid changes of speed that may actually obscure a cyclist from the view of other drivers.
  • Always slow down when you see a child on a bicycle.
  • A high percentage of accidents occur at intersections.  Always approach intersections with great care and allow cyclists extra time to cross.
  • Never honk your horn at a cyclist as this action may startle them and cause an accident.
  • Be particularly vigilant at dusk or if weather conditions are limiting your visibility.
  • Never pass a cyclist and then immediately turn right.
  • Watch for cyclists when leaving a parking lot – particularly if the exit to the lot is located between parked cars.
  • When parallel parking, look in your rear view mirror before opening your car door.
  • NEVER use your cell phone while driving and avoid any and all distractions (eating, drinking, attending to personal hygiene, etc.) that might cause you to lose your focus on the road.

If you are ever injured while riding your bike on Connecticut roads, call a qualified Connecticut personal injury lawyer.  A knowledgeable Connecticut personal injury lawyer can help to ensure that your rights are protected.

RisCassi & Davis has handled numerous cycling accident cases over our more than 55 years serving the people of Connecticut.

What’s more, our attorneys have received local and national recognition for our handling of these cycling accident cases including:

  • Top listing in “The Best Lawyers in America” and “Best Law Firms”
  • Top listing by Martindale-Hubbell as a “New England Top Rated AV Preeminent® Law Firm.
  • Admission of five of our personal injury lawyers as members in the very prestigious American College of Trial Lawyers.  The American College is a professional society of Fellows who become members only by invitation, with admission limited to experienced, outstanding trial lawyers who are unquestionably and eminently qualified as actively engaged trial lawyers.  Only 1% of all trial lawyers in any state are offered admission as members to the College.
  • Listing in New England Super Lawyers published by Connecticut Magazine.  Less than 5% of attorneys in the New England states receive this honor
  • Lifetime Achievement awards from the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association
  • Board Certification by the National Board of Trial Advocacy

We have a great team dedicated to cycling accident cases.    Please contact us if we can help you. The consultation is free and there is no obligation of any kind.



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