Know How To Avoid A Car Accident Near Highway Work Zones

Highway work zones are hazardous places to drive – and to work.  For drivers, there is often a phalanx of signs, flashing lights, lane changes, barrels, and flag men to navigate.

Sadly – each year many accidents and worker fatalities occur in these work zones.

Nearly all states have laws meant to limit the risk of car or truck accidents in these areas.  In fact, almost every state in America has laws that increase the penalties for traffic violations, including speeding, in work zones.  In many cases, these laws double the applicable fine that would have applied outside that work zone.

Avoid A Car Accident Near Construction Zones:

  • When you approach a worksite on the highway – always reduce your speed.
  • Look carefully at the scene as you approach it so that you understand how you will pass through the area safely.
  • Always look carefully to see how the equipment in the area is moving.  Anticipate possible unexpected maneuvers.
  • Watch very carefully for workers in the area.  Some can be momentarily obscured by equipment or signage.
  • NEVER operate a cell phone in these areas – even if your car has come to a stop and never take your eyes off the work area.
  • Watch for pavement edge drop-offs.
  • Never attempt to pass a work area by sneaking out onto the shoulder of the road.
  • Always leave room between your car and the vehicle ahead of you.
  • And when you can – check traffic reports for the roads you will be traveling and either give yourself extra time to travel or choose an alternate route.

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