Six Tips To Maintain Safe Driving Into Your Golden Years

Each of us wants to continue driving long into our retirement years.   It’s important to remember that as we age, our driving skills change requiring us to alter our habits and reduce risk factors wherever possible.

How Aging Effects Our Ability To Drive And Increases The Likelihood Of A Car Accident:

  • Reaction times tend to slow down as we age, making it more likely that one will react too slowly to a sudden change in traffic flow or the appearance of a road hazard.
  • Congested areas often have many signs, lights and other distractions to track.  As we age – there can be a tendency to lose some ability to process multiple tasks making this environment a bit more dangerous.
  • Diminished strength and flexibility can also impact a driver’s ability to react as well as to see across a broad area – making safe driving problematic.

So what can one do to drive safely into one’s later years?

Six Steps To Help Maintain Safe Driving:

  • There are a number of companies that now offer memory and reflex training aids for people of all ages.  There is science showing that working with one of these online products regularly can improve reaction times and focus.
  • Have your eye sight checked annually.  Sometimes eye sight declines without our fully recognizing that it’s happening.
  • Know the effect medications can have on your ability to operate machinery and don’t drive when under the influence of any drug that might impair reaction times or judgment.
  • Try to make sure you are well rested before you travel.
  • Get your hearing checked as well.  Being able to hear well helps with reaction times.
  • Limit distractions in the car – and try to make any heating/cooling or sound system adjustments before you start your trip.
  • Never drink and drive – for any reason.

Other things one can do to lessen the chance of a car accident include carefully choosing the times to travel, avoiding nighttime driving if there are any eyesight issues, and staying home when the weather becomes inclement.  Also, choose the car you drive with care.  Some cars are much better suited for older drivers.

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