Three Pedestrians Seriously Injured When Struck By Car in Newington

Three pedestrians sustained serious injuries when they were hit by a pick-up truck on Christian Lane near Kelsey Street in Newington, earlier this week.  The driver, after striking the victims, continued to drive, dragging all three victims down the road.  All three were rushed to area hospitals.

Sadly, over 70,000 pedestrians are struck and injured by motor vehicles every year in America – nearly 5,000 fatally.  That equals one pedestrian injury every eight minutes.

One of the best predictors of whether an injury will occur in these accidents is the speed of the offending vehicle at the time of impact.  Here is data from the National Institutes of Health:

The average risk of a struck pedestrian sustaining an injury of some severity reaches 10% at an impact speed of 17 miles per hour (mph), 25% at 24mph, 50% at 33mph, 75% at 40mph, and 90% at 48mph. The average risk of death reaches 10% at an impact speed of 24mph, 25% at 32mph, 50% at 40mph, 75% at 48mph, and 90% at 54mph.

What should you do as a driver to avoid these tragic accidents?   Here are a few tips:

  • When approaching an intersection, take great care and be on the lookout for pedestrians – particularly if you are making a turn at that intersection.
  • Use extreme care and prepare for the unexpected when driving in an area with playing fields or schools – places where children frequent.  And reduce your speed.
  • Remember, you can encounter a pedestrian at any time.  Always remain alert – particularly on busy streets, in neighborhoods and in crowded commercial areas.
  • Never pass another vehicle that has stopped for a pedestrian.
  • Never drive while intoxicated.
  • Never text and drive.

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